Q & A

What can I do to prolong the life of my roof?
After you have properly installed a new roof, whether it is shake, tile, or shingle, the most important thing to do is ensure regular maintenance. In the Pacific Northwest, the mild and damp climate provides optimum growing conditions for algae, fungi and mosses. Regular cleaning and maintenance removes these plants from your roof, preventing dampness and decay.
How much will it cost?
Call or email now to speak with a representative. You'll find our quotes are competitive and we offer free written estimates for your convenience. You'll also be able to discuss different options with an employee to determine your needs and the best way to fill them.
Can't I just hose off my own roof?
No! Besides the danger of falls, a normal garden hose isn't adequate for cleaning your roof. In addition to not having the correct volume-pressure ratio, you many even harm the roof.
What roofing materials do you use?
We have cedar shakes and shingles as well as architectural shingles (30, 40, 50 year and lifetime). You can come visit our showroom at 17350 S.W. Boones Ferry Rd. in Lake Oswego to see for yourself.
What's the difference between all those shingles?
Cedar shakes and shingles are among the oldest roofing materials available. Prized for their natural beauty, they are particularly disposed to the climate here in the Pacific Northwest for their insulating properties.

Man-made materials are also widely used in roofing. Architectural shingles are popular not only for their long life, but also for their variety. Because they are made from two shingles laminated together, a wide ranges of colors are available to you. 3-tab shingles are named for the three tabs found on each shingle. They are flat in appearance and last for twenty or more years.
How often should I clean my roof?
A full cleaning should be performed at approximately 5-year intervals, with an annual specialized maintenance plan between cleanings