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CertainTeed Roofing Products

CertainTeed Roofing Products

CertainTeed®  Roofing Products are known for their durability, longevity, cutting-edge materials, and the best warranties. CertainTeed® products are rain, snow, sun, and fire-resistant. Norths America’s leading brand of exterior and interior building products.

CertainTeed - Landmark AR

For homeowners seeking true peace of mind, Landmark® shingles are the high-quality, reliable choice for beautifying and protecting a home. With a dual-layered design that emulates the dimensionality of true wood shake, Landmark asphalt shingles offer the heaviest weight and widest array of color options in their class, allowing you to create or re-create the ideal look for your home with confidence. 

Color Options:

Northgate ClimateFlex

NorthGate ClimateFlex designer shingles offer the beauty and dimensionality of wood shake roofing in the form of a durable, polymer-modified asphalt. This results in high-quality roofing that offers enhanced resistance to damaging hail and superior surface granule adhesion (compared to standard asphalt shingles), as well as all-weather performance that protects a home year-round in any climate. 

Cold-Weather Friendly 
The rubberizing aspects of ClimateFlex technology provide enhanced cold-weather pliability, allowing contractors to handle and install NorthGate ClimateFlex in low temperatures that make standard shingles stiff and brittle. 

Color Options:

CertainTeed - Presidential Shake AR

The founding father of wood shake replicas, Presidential Shake established it all. The top tier performance of asphalt, the curb appeal of hand-split cedar shake roofing, and the unwavering quality of CertainTeed.

Color Options:

CertainTeed - Presidential TL

Presidential Shake TL, the luxury shingle with the look of cedar shakes and the performance of one of the finest composition roofing solutions in the industry.

Color Options:

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